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Buthe School
Buthe Village, Lekaing Township, Magwe Division, Middle Myanmar

Buthe is a centuries old village located on the banks of the very beautiful Mone River in the dry region of Central Myanmar not far from the Irrawaddy River. It is also one of the most famous Pilgrimage Sites in the country. The villagers are incredibly friendly and as usual, most of them are farmers. Until 1998 the village was quite prosperous with well built wooden houses on a tidy street and the villagers’ economy meant that families could purchase small luxuries at the local pagoda festival. But all of a sudden on one burning hot summer day of 1998 the whole village was accidentally burned to the ground in a fierce fire. It was just after harvest time and the year's crop was destroyed. Some villagers died of the trauma that followed the fire whilst others simply left to search for work as laborers elsewhere. In Myanmar's rural areas there is no fire insurance and no banks. All turned to ashes. Their crops and their small savings in gold and jewels were destroyed in their houses built of wood, bamboo and thatch. With help from relatives from nearby villages those that stayed reorganized their shattered lives – but the village itself was beyond repair.

In 2001 we visited the village as part of a pilgrimage trip and saw the hardship of the people. The village looked dry and dusty with people living in makeshift shelters. Two volunteer teachers kept the primary school open but few children attended and none were in uniform. We learnt that the villagers could not afford uniforms and stationary for their children and so did not send them to school. However being of brick and standing at the entrance to the village the school itself was the only building that escaped the fire.

From January 2002, we have given stationary, text books, clothes and school uniform to the children of Buthe Village. We sponsor the children from the poorest families to continue the Middle and High School in Kyaungdawyar Village.

Our support of Buthe School helps 100 children reach a basic education.

Supported by Parami Foundation from 2006 to 2016