Our Projects

Aungmyay School
Thingangyun Township, Yangon.

This is a small school for High School finals students whose parents cannot afford expensive private tuition fees. All teachers are volunteers. The premise where the school is located (20x60 feet) is provided by a generous member of the community.

A student who does not pass High School Final Exams has very limited chances to continue to an advanced education or vocational training course. This is a very important turning point for a teenager. Since about 2003, Aungmyay School has helped many teenagers get passed this crucial exam. And from June 2008 we have paid bus and taxi fares for the teachers that work there.

Scholarship Program

The Parami Foundation also helps youths, especially girls, attend Vocational Training Courses.

Since December 2005, we have sponsored underprivileged children and youths to enter The Institutes of Medicine (Magwe) (Mandalay), The Institute of Computer and Engineering Studies (Yangon), and to the Accounting College (Meikhtila). These children and youths have been carefully selected for the hard work and honesty and their interest in social work.