What we have achieved

Since 1995, with contributions from generous individuals, we have built class rooms and entire schools in remote villages. Taungbalu Village Middle School and Lanku Village Primary School are the beautiful result of our friends’ thoughtful contribution. Both villages are located far from the main road in Magwe Division, Myanmar. An extension class room in Kyunggyi Middle School located in Irrawaddy Delta is now comfortably accommodating 70 students. Out of compassion, we also dig water wells. The water well in a remote village of Myingyan township in Mandalay Division saves the parents from walking 2 hours to get a bucket of water during the dry season. The water well in Natmauk Orphanage stops children having skin disease and diarrhea. The water well in Tharyargone Village saves the villagers and children from thirst during the 2010 draught and still providing clean water. The water purification plant donated by Rotary Club of New Zealand helps the health of children in Tharyargone school. A new two stories school building with 8 class rooms in Thayagone School in the outskirt of Yangon was completed following a generous donation from Dr. Hans Albrecht of Munich. Starting from 2006-2007 academic year, over 200 children from the village nearby are having the basic education happily in this school. A new building for girls orphan has been completed in Phayagyi Village Mingalar Orphanage in September 2006 following a generous donation from Ms. Lauren Linowitz of United States. This new building is able to accommodate 60 girl orphans. A new school building with 4 class rooms in Kyagayet Village guarantees the children to continue their education after the deadly Cyclone Nargis in May 2008. A new toilet block in Kyagayet School saves the children from running into the nearby field while they need a toilet. We have also successfully raised fund to build 50x25 two story building in September 2008 in Aung Zeyamin Orphanage located in Hlaing Thayar Township outskirt of Yangon. The building is used as dormitory for 30 orphans in upper floor, and the ground floor is used as class rooms for 120 children.

We have helped both schools in Kyunggyi and Nyaunggyo Village of Ingapu Township in Irrawaddy Delta become self efficient. They are now able to run the schools on their own and giving primary and middle school level education to approximately 350 children.