About us

In the beginning of our charity work our attention was totally focused on orphanages. From 1995 to 2002 we helped more than a dozen orphanages. We gave them not only financial support but also we spent time with the orphans. We went there, played with the children, talked to them and organized short excursions to significant places in Yangon. We discussed their issues with their teachers, or the monk or nun who runs the orphanage. At the same time, while travelling all over the country, we noticed helpless street kids, poor families, and unaided schools in remote villages. As the time passed, our experience in charity work has grown. We realized that the orphans in the orphanages were getting enough food, a warm bed and clothes while the children from poor families were starving and shivering. When orphans in the orphanages were in the class room getting a basic education, the children from poor families worked hard to earn a little money to help the family. Many people feel more sympathy for orphans than they do for poor children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school. There we saw a role for us to fill. We started to get involved in schools in poor communities. We have started to help children who have until now shared the tough life with their other family members. We keep them in our class room and equip them with a basic education and we stop them becoming street kids. If they are clever and there is a chance, we send them to High School or Vocational Training Courses, such as, nurse-aid training, dress making, welding, etc. If they are very clever and eligible to attend a Higher Institute of Learning or University we help them to make their dream come true. We have already successfully helped out three youths from remote villages to become medical doctors and one boy from outskirt of Yangon to become a mechanical engineer.

We have already successfully built class rooms, toilets and water well in remote villages of central Myanmar and delta area of Myanmar. We have also installed fresh water system in those schools. Every year, we distribute stationary to eleven to twelve hundred children.

Without your support we would never be able to achieve all these good work. We are very grateful for it.