The Parami Foundation was organized to exclusively support education in disadvantaged mostly rural communities in the Delta Region and Upper Myanmar.

Most of our effort go into education because we believe :

  • that once people get a better education and understand its value, there is a great probability that their children will be educated in turn.
  • That through education the quality of life changes at the individual level, at the village level, and beyond.
  • that education shines a light into lives circumscribed by poverty, inequality and limited opportunity.

Parami works at a very focused, local level helping individuals, orphanages and villages. Sometimes education is coupled to a community’s need for clean water or health care because children cannot learn if they are sick from drinking unclean water or have other health care issues. Parami sees to these needs by providing new wells, health care education or whatever the village or institution needs to insure a healthy learning environment.

Our core belief is that talent is infinite, but opportunity must be created.  Our projects are community generated, and 100% of donations go directly to our projects because all of our overhead costs are volunteered by generous, caring individuals.

The Parami Foundation is registered with the IRS in U.S.A. as a 501(c)(3). 


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